EVGA G-P3-1460-K1 Graphics Cards - NVIDIA CUDA Technology with CUDA C/C++, DirectCompute 5.0 and OpenCL Support.


Name Value
Product G-P3-1460-K1
Type Graphic Cards
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Name Value
Bus Type PCI-E 2.0
Core Clock 810MHz
CUDA Cores 336
Memory Bandwidth 128GB/sec
Memory Bit Width 256 Bit
Memory Clock 4008MHz
Memory Detail 1024MB GDDR5
Shader Clock 1620MHz
Texture Fill Rate 45.4 GT/s


  • CUDATM C/C++, DirectCompute 5.0 and OpenCL Support
  • Microsoft DirectX 11 Support
  • NVIDIA 2-way SLI Ready
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround T"' Ready
  • NVIDIA CUDA Technology with
  • NVIDIA PhysX Technology
  • NVIDIA PureVideo HD Technology
  • One Mini-HDMI 1.4a Connector
  • OpenGL 4.1 Support
  • PCI Express 2.0 Support
  • Two Dual-Link DVI-I HDCP Capable Connectors


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How readily available is the G-P3-1460-K1?

The G-P3-1460-K1 is no longer manufactured, making the supply scarce. At GID we specialize in sourcing hard-to-find products. The typical lead time varies, however the average is 5-7 business days.

What does the G-P3-1460-K1 typically cost?

Our pricing is based on several factors including availability and delivery requirements. GID Industrial offers highly-competitive pricing as well as superb customer service. Please feel free to contact us to receive a quote for the G-P3-1460-K1.

Does GID Industrial’s warranty cover refunds?

Every product purchased from GID Industrial is covered by a 30-day warranty and refund policy, ensuring that we will replace, repair, or refund any order within those days. This can be prolonged with the purchase of an extended warranty, providing comprehensive coverage throughout the warranty date.

I'm an international company. Can we still do business together?

Not a problem! We operate on a global scale, and can ship almost anywhere in the world.

What are the payment options for purchasing the G-P3-1460-K1?

At GID Industrial, we accept all major credit cards as well as company checks and wire transfers. Additionally, at the direction of our customers, we have also worked with escrow companies to complete payment transactions.

What carriers does GID Industrial work with?

GID works with all major carriers including FedEx, UPS, DHL, and the US Postal Service. Other shipping carriers may be an option if our customer requests it.

What if I need repairs for a part?

We do provide repair services for this product. Our team of engineers is experienced with the G-P3-1460-K1 and is able to examine, diagnose and repair it quickly and efficiently. Please contact us today to learn more about our repair services.

Can GID Industrial assist me in managing the lifecycle of the G-P3-1460-K1?

Yes! In fact, managing lifecycles of industrial equipment is our forte. We specialize in tracking the life cycles of both obsolete and current products, phasing out obsolete parts while phasing in next-generation products.

Can you help move excess, phased out inventory?

We frequently work with companies to help them move and migrate excess inventory. All too frequently, companies dispose of end-of-life equipment for scrap value. Our goal is to obtain top market value for companies who need to dispose of excess industrial equipment. GID Industrial has worked with a vast array of products including the G-P3-1460-K1.

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